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Ktec Oil Laboratories

We are providing services of Transformer Oil Testing , having Corp. office in Delhi and Regd. office & Lab, both are situated at  Bahadurgarh ,Delhi/NCR Region. Our Lab is NABL accredited and  Services including testing of following parameters of Transformer oil samples for Water Content, Tan Delta, Specific Resistance, Neutralisation Value, Interfacial Tension, Flash Point, DP Test, Dissolved Gas Analysis, Di-Electric Strength, Furan Analysis etc.

We are using digital automatic testing instrument for getting maximum possible accuracy of the test result and also to avoid human touch/Error  while conducting test. The test are performed by qualified and experienced persons and test results are reviewed by senior technical Team. Since our inception , we are trying to give our best along with our hard work and dedication towards the clients satisfaction

Solutions for Transformer Oil Testing

The analysis of dielectric materials and the preventive maintenance programs of oil-insulated equipment can reduce the risk of unscheduled outages, ensuring asset performance and durability. Transformer active part and cellulosic insulation immersed in oil generate markers during their lifecycle. With analysis, oil variations can be detected at an early stage before failure occurs. Oil analysis provides critical information on asset health status, including electrical properties and ageing.

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